New love…

I’ve been cheating on WordPress.

Per a friend’s recommendation, I took a look around tumblr. I fell in love.

You can now find me posting regularly on

It’s been real WordPress.

Peace out.

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Alone in a Snowstorm

Since Thursday night at approximately 8 pm I have not left my condo complex. Since Friday around noon I’ve been alone. And for a majority of the “alone time” it was snowing. This is what I learned about being alone in a snowstorm:

-The U.S. Postal Service may not deliver during a major snowfall, but the Sunday New York Times does the day after.

-Snow is heavy. This may sound silly to East Coast/Midwest folks. But for those of us from Southern California who have never had to dig a car out from over two feet of snow, this is new news. My shoulders are killing me.

-Being stuck in your house for 48 hours is fun when you aren’t sick. Usually when I’m home for this long it’s because I have a terrible head cold or other ailments. But being healthy and stuck equals getting a lot done. This included: laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning makeup brushes, organizing tax info, dusting, and filing.

-The perfect time to catch up on phone calls with close friends is sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and a view of the snow falling.

-Two feet of snow makes trees look magical, like props in a Tim Burton film, or scenery from a Dr. Seuss book.

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What Women Want (Minus Mel Gibson)

January 31, 2010 1 comment

Once we live through teenage-hood, and our early 20s, and in some cases, our late 20s, women get easier to understand, I swear. We play less games, we want less drama. In fact, at a certain point, we start knowing exactly what we want in a man, or at least in a relationship.

I can’t speak for women everywhere. But I believe it comes down to four basic needs: purses, shoes, jewelry, and chocolate.


We carry a purse everywhere we go. Its contents support us in our daily life. And just like we need our wallet, our cellphone, Advil or our favorite lip gloss, we want our man there when we need him. We want him to support our career choices, and stand by us through bumps in the road with our family. We need him to kiss our foreheads after a rough day. I don’t want a man who fixes my problems for me. I recognize no good can come of someone else doing your dirty work in life. But don’t leave us in our weakest moments. I know it seems like we have a lot of them, but I swear one day, you will need us back, and it will have been worth carrying us along.


My closet holds 38 pairs of shoes (I just counted). High heels, mini-high heels, seven pairs of boots (including fake Uggs, Wellies, two pairs of the same flat leather boots in different colors, and three pairs of high-heeled boots), running sneakers, hiking boots, ballet flats, and flip-flops. They all serve a purpose, or represent good memories. The best ones, the favorite pairs, I have spent a lot of time with. And just like my favorite pair of shoes, I like to spend quality time with my favorite man. It’s not because I want a monopoly on his free time, or because I don’t have a life of my own. It’s because I love being with him. It’s that simple. I’m safe and comfortable with him, just like my favorite eight-year-old black flip-flops, that have formed to the shape of my feet.


We love jewelry. We especially love jewelry from our man. It’s shiny and pretty, and completes an outfit. It makes us feel special when someone compliments a necklace and we can say it came from “him.” Wearing it reminds us we are loved. And we need to be reminded, often. Reassurance can come in many forms: words, hugs, stolen kisses, a hand on a leg, a note, an email, a good night text message, flowers, and on and on. All the small stuff together matters just as much as the big. The more you remind us we are loved, the easier your life will be. Because when we feel shiny and pretty, just like our jewelry, it’s hard to be in a bad mood.


You love beer. Some of us like beer. You love sports. Some of us like sports. You like chocolate. We love chocolate. Chocolate gets us through the worst times of month, and year. It’s shared with girlfriends, or while watching Dirty Dancing for the 1,00oth time. Life’s sweetness can be found in a good box of chocolates, or in a great round of sex. It often comes across, on TV, or in a group of friends, like sex is something women reward men with. But for most women I know, including myself, we crave sex just as often, or sometimes more often than our men do. Of course the sex we crave is equal sided, and ends sweetly for both parties.

So it’s that simple gents: purses, shoes, jewelry, chocolate…aka support, time, reassurance, (good) sex. I promise, unless the girl is a little cuckoo, you provide our four favorite things, you will have a happy girl on your hands. And what dude doesn’t love a happy girl.

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In Search of Momentum

Someone once told me it takes two weeks to form a habit. I am not good at forming habits. Maybe because it’s hard for me to do something consistently for two weeks.

For instance, exercising. I have to constantly switch up the type of exercise I do in order to have it hold my interest.

I suppose what it comes down to is that I’m not one for a routine. That’s probably why I enjoy my job. It’s constantly changing. There is always a new and different project to work on, a new technology to check out, and Web trends to keep up with.

Generally speaking what it takes for me to keep up with something, aside from a paycheck, is momentum. When it came to writing this blog I lost momentum. I had the support of friends, and fellow bloggers, and at the height of this blog’s success, I was writing about a subject that peaked people’s interest–dating. I had more free time because I was single.

I am not single at the moment. But I don’t want that to stop me from writing. So I’m going to try and force some momentum on myself. I tried that back in November, but here’s the difference, I’m making it my belated New Year’s resolution. So instead of January 1st, let’s say January 31st starts a new year, and a new commitment to keeping up this blog.

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My Take on Tiger

I have seen sports columnists, among others, argue for more details of what really happened Thanksgiving night in Tiger Woods’ driveway. I will admit I could care less. Do I think Tiger deserves the media storm surrounding the reasons for the incident? Yes.

I have no sympathy for a man who cheated on his wife with multiple women while she was pregnant and mothering his two children. Whether or not the women were college professors, or cocktail waitresses, I don’t care. I have lost respect for the world’s best golfer.

It’s not as if Tiger went to the golf course, played the game, won some money, and went home to his family. He plastered his face on every major product or company that would take him. He put himself in front of our eyes as much as he possibly could. But now he doesn’t want our eyes on him. Where’s the logic there?

This caught my eye from Charles McGrath’s “Not Playing by the Rules” column today in the New York Times.

“Yet, as so many have pointed out, Woods has become a public figure not just in the way that most great athletes are public figures, but also in a way probably unparalleled in the history of publicity itself. He has made far more money from selling himself, or his image, than he has made from playing tournaments. That image, partly genuine and partly sculptured, has been one of decency, modesty, filial devotion and paternal responsibility, and not of mysterious car crashes and evasive explanations.”

You don’t get to parade yourself and the image you created in front of the world, and then expect the world will turn its head and look away when you prove to be a pathetic excuse for a husband.

There is a reason Dave Letterman made it out of his situation quickly. He said out loud what he did, and apologized. Whether his wife forgives him is between them, but he increased our chances of continuing to watch just by recognizing that his viewers deserved to hear it from him.

Tiger went after the media after he blatantly didn’t own up to what really happened. Not surprising, yes, but pathetic. In this situation, the only one he should be going after, is himself. Maybe it’s the female part of the “female sports fan” in me, but I will forever more root for Tiger Woods to fail.

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Sports Love. Rick Reilly Style.

Two months ago I wrote a post about my love of sports. In it I mention my favorite sports columnist of all time, Rick Reilly. Yesterday, while sitting on the train surfing ESPN on my Blackberry, I came across his new column on why he loves sports. I thought I’d share.

Some highlights:

“Sports is real. It can’t be faked. If you’re Henry Fonda’s son and you want to act, you get to act. If you’re Chelsea Clinton and want to govern, you get to govern. But just because you’re Nolan Ryan’s son doesn’t mean you get to pitch in the Show.”

“Sports fans can be buried in a coffin that is painted in their favorite team’s colors and logo. Anybody buried in a Chicago Symphony Orchestra coffin lately?”

“Sports has honor. In a Texas girls high school volleyball playoff this season, one of the East Texas Christian Academy girls suffered a head injury and was taken away on a stretcher. The East Texas girls were too upset to continue and forfeited. But their opponents — Summit Christian — refused. They insisted on rescheduling. They said they couldn’t win that way. And yet last year in Alaska, Senator Ted Stevens (R) ran for reelection despite seven felony convictions.”

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Thoughts From London. Entry 2.

November 25, 2009 1 comment

Trafalgar SquareAs promised, London highlights.

Photo: Trafalgar Square

-Escalators get the point of being escalators here. They move quickly.

-Dapper gents in properly fitted, classy suits everywhere. Nothing like a handsome, slender man in a nice suit. It can lift a girl’s spirits.

-Free newspaper in the morning. Free newspaper at night. Both featuring outrageous (and often hilarious) headlines.

-Double decker buses. We have to pay good money to take one in DC. Here, it’s just your normal bus ride.

-London pubs. I would take one over any U.S. dive bar any day (and definitely over a U.S. pub). Some of these pubs have been serving beer longer than the U.S. has been in existence. But whether they opened 300 years ago, or two months ago, they all have the welcoming, cheery atmosphere that comes with gorgeous wooden bars and friendly barkeeps. And at some locations you can get delicious Thai food. Only downside: they close way too early, even on weekends.

Harrods Scarecrow-It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in New York City at Christmas. But I do believe London has NYC beat for department store Christmas displays. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything quite like Harrods “Wizard of Oz” themed storefronts this year. And if you are wondering why “Wizard of Oz”at Christmas, I found out it’s tradition here to watch that movie on Christmas Day. Also, Oxford and Regent St are both done up to the nines. Christmas lights (and other shiny stuff) galore. Photo: Scarecrow at Harrods

-Fantastic, beautiful, brilliant museums are free. I’ve now been to the Tate Modern, the British Museum, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria&Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, and didn’t spend a penny to get in. (I did however spend quite a few pennies in the amazing gift shops). These places are worth going to for the buildings themselves. I love the Smithsonian system in DC, but London wins in the free museum category.

-For history geeks like me (and I’m not even that into it), places like the Tower of London and the Winston Churchill Cabinet War Rooms and Museum are totally worth the few pounds it costs to get in. To stand in those places, and recall the history-defining moments that happened in them, is a privilege.

-Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge. You see them over and over in pictures, movies, calendars, and so on. But, like the Sistine Chapel and the U.S Capitol, some places are worth putting in the effort to see in person.

Christmas Festival-I’ve run through Kensington Gardens twice this week. The first run I stumbled upon a Peter Pan statue. The second time, the Diana Memorial Fountain. I went to a Christmas festival in Hyde Park Monday evening. In April I spent some quality time with the tulips in St. James’ Park. The parks here are lovely, and filled with spots that will make you want to pause and stay awhile (even if it is rainy). Photo: Winter Wonderland Festival

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Thoughts from London. Entry 1.

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

This is my second trip to London this year. Some would call me lucky, others would call me crazy (mostly because of the exchange rate). But, whether lucky or crazy, London has been exactly what I needed this year. An escape from reality. A break from stress and anxiety. A bubble to happily reside in for 10 days at a time.

And while I adore London, and its inhabitants, on my second trip here I recognize it is a city with faults just like any other.

1. When its rainy, or maybe even when it’s not, Londoners avoid eye contact when walking by you on the street. Today I made an effort to smile at quite a few locals. I received no smiles in return. In fact, I don’t think a single person looked at me. If I was a newcomer in this city, with little support, I can imagine that would be a tough.

2. Fast, small cars everywhere equal reckless driving. It annoys me to no end that men (and women!) driving their small, sleek fancy European cars will accelerate to high speeds just to go a short way, therefore scaring the crap out of the pedestrians who aren’t expecting the roar of the engine. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would look up the pedestrian deaths here as compared to New York. My bet is London wins for most people taken out. Drivers here seem to care not at all for the safety of the people crossing the street. I have feared for my life at least once a day since I’ve been here.

Two faults (besides the obvious hit on the bank account), that’s all I have so far. Tomorrow…the highlights.

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My New Haircut

November 22, 2009 1 comment

My friend, the reigning queen of, came into town a couple of weeks ago for a visit. It was the first time in three years I had seen her, and not much had changed, except for the last time we were together she was on the verge of finalizing her divorce.

Years later, and a few relationships later, she was back on the prowl. A smart, sassy, gorgeous girl, she has no problem whatsoever striking up a conversation with anyone she pleases.

On Friday night, while another girlfriend and I were brutally beating some poor baby-faced men at shuffleboard, my visitor met a sweet, young musician. At the end of the evening, my friend got musician guy’s number and told him he could meet up with us the following night.

Twenty-seven hours later, we were on our fifth bar and the friendly musician was having a hard time keeping up with us seasoned party-ers. After a shot of rough whiskey, he and my friend went outside for a smoke. They started kissing, and moments later, he tumbled to the ground. Just straight up fell with no good explanation.

Before the bar closed, the bartender bought my friend and her clumsy beau another shot. Down it went. And down the musician almost went on our walk to the subway.

Once on the subway, a pattern emerged of the musician falling asleep on my friend’s shoulder, and then lifting his head to make out with her, and then falling again. Four stops into our ride, he said he had to run and sprined off the train. As we pull away I see him throwing up along the side of the subway stop. All I could think was good for him for having the sense to get off instead of puking all over my friend’s lap.

Meanwhile, a 21-year-old bold Catholic University kid had managed to find his way into the seat next to my friend. Brave as he was, I am certain he regretted that decision.

You see, drunk or not, my friend is a quick lady. And she very soon called him out, loudly, for coming over because he thought he could slide into the musician’s place without her noticing. But somehow, between the introduction and the call-out, she learned this young chap was from Jersey. So all of a sudden my drunk, brilliant friend, was yelling, over and over again, “Heineken! Jager Bomb! Heineken! Jager Bomb!” with the best Jersey accent she could muster.

Sitting diagonally from her, I thought she had lost her mind. Why was she screaming drink names to this poor kid, in between telling him he had no chance with her?

Lil’ dude didn’t shy away quickly. So when he asked what was so wrong with making out with him, she quickly replied” “Well first of all, what is with your hair? That’s terrible hair. And those shoes are gross. Get some new shoes…”

And on it went intermixed with cries of Heineken! and Jager Bomb!, and something about a new hair cut. Until the young man, finally retreated to his original seat, next to his very embarrassed friend.

But not before the whole front of the subway car was shedding tears from laughing at my friend’s antics. Two people told me it made their night.

Turns out the cries of Heineken! Jager Bomb! and New Haircut! were from this clip, called “My New Haircut,” which makes quite a lot of fun of Jersey guys. Please watch. I promise you will laugh.

A sidenote to this story is four days before my friend arrived in DC she had so badly broken her toe, she had to wear a giant grey robo-boot her entire trip. A sight to be scene as she hobbled along, holding up drunk musician guy. The boot also ended as a prop in the subway scene. My friend railed it against the metal siding of the train every time she was making a point, or screaming Heineken! Jager Bomb!, to the pitiful young man beside her.

To the young man’s credit, he did perform a full-on bow prior to exiting the train. I was surprised he had enough manhood left to pull that off.

Cheers for the friends in life who never fail to make an evening memorable.

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No More Slacker Blogger

November 22, 2009 1 comment

At this moment I will not elaborate on why, but for now, this blog will no longer be about my adventures in dating. It may include stories of my dear friends adventures in dating…just not mine. But it will continue to chronicle my adventures in life.

While working through a fresh start with someone, I had a hard time deciding how to re-focus what I write here. But I knew I wanted to keep writing. This blog has received overwhelming support from my friends, and other bloggers. And I didn’t want to let them, or myself down.

But I’ve realized maybe I’ve been thinking too hard. Maybe I just need to start writing again, and a new focus will emerge all on its very own.

I’m 27 years old. I am a hard-working gal in the nation’s capital. I’m years beyond college, and even graduate school. But I have happily not yet found my way into the world of marriage and babies and property purchasing. I have a lot to say. I always have. And some of my friends seem to like reading what I have to say. So I’m going to keep writing…and see where the words take me.

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Notes from Vegas

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas with two of my favorite high school boys. What follows are my observations from a well-rounded, fabulous trip.

– Vegas is no longer a place to take your family–unless your children are adults. Giant billboards featuring hoochie girls in racy outfits (if you can call them outfits) run the length of the Strip advertising half-naked shows at major casinos. The pool scene is a hotbed of inappropriate conversations between adults ranging in age from 18 to 55, all who have started drinking by noon. I can’t, in fact, think of an activity to take a child to in Vegas anymore.

-To fit in at a Vegas club, your dress can only cover one to two centimeters below your bottom. Otherwise you are out of place. My friend counted four separate women on the dance floor whose underwear, or lack thereof, he saw in plain view, in some cases multiple times. Since when is it sexy to blatantly reveal your thong on a dance floor before you get the guy you are grinding with back to your room! A true sign I am too old for the Vegas club scene.

-Walking the 2.1 miles, from the Wynn to the Luxor in cheap high heels may seem like a good idea at the time, with the lights, and the shiny new hotels to see, but I guarantee your feet will pay. I still have a red inflamed blister on the top of my toe, five days later.

-But on that same note, the Strip is at its best at night. The lights alone can give you a high. Say what you want about Times Square, and how annoying the foot traffic is, but the same thing applies. You just can’t beat bright, shining, colorful lights. It’s like having Christmas decorations up all year.

-Eating a plain old McDonald’s cheeseburger at 2 am is a great way to weaken the blow from your hangover…despite what my friend may say.

-It is very much worth leaving the Strip, and the city, and finding your way to one of the many natural wonders that surround Vegas. This trip I found myself hiking through Red Rocks Canyon, and being incredibly disappointed that I had dropped and permanently damaged my camera at the club the night before.

The Mix Lounge, on the 64th floor of THEhotel, may win for best view of the Strip. You can see all the way down to the Stratosphere. And with a delicious $15 martini in hand, I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a view so much.

-Another shout-out to the Mandalay Bay complex is for the Red Square restaurant and bar, which not only features a very tall headless statue out front, but also serves it’s martinis on a strip of ice running the length of a bar. The bartender is also nice enough to hand out free blue cheese stuffed olives to those of us that really couldn’t handle another martini.

-Vegas with a few of your oldest friends, who know you inside and out, and are totally okay with you doing the running man on elevators, is the right way to do Vegas. It keeps me coming back.

So It Goes.

One of my favorite bloggers, Whiteny Matheson of USA TODAY’s Pop Candy, posted a link a few weeks ago to the Website Contrariwise, which features images of people’s literary tattoos.

There is a series on the site based around the phrase “so it goes” from Kurt Vonnegut’s book Slaughterhouse-Five. Something I read said Vonnegut uses the phrase 116 times throughout the novel.

I will admit up front that I have not read the book. But I loved the phrase’s meaning, and how much it meant to the people who tattooed it on themselves. So far 16 people have posted a photo of their “So It Goes” tattoo, some of which are quite beautiful.

Lately I have been trying to remind myself that life has one, and only one, guarantee–death. Marriage, love, happiness, and so forth, can come and go with one word, or one sentence, or the closing of one door. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get more chances, or that life will be over because that one marriage, or that one relationship, ceases to exist.

I think for people like me, who like to exert a certain amount of control over life, it’s important to realize that every day will include hundreds of unplanned events, moments, and conversations. Some of it will be forgotten in minutes, or hours, others will change the course of my life. I can be afraid, or I can understand, that this is how life goes.

From the words of those with the tattoo:

“Nothing is ever absolute.”

“I’m a worrier and it reminds me that not everything is in my control.”

“life continues on no matter what the circumstances”

“…no matter what stupid mistakes i make, no matter who dies, no matter what celebrity gets breast implants, NO MATTER WHAT – life goes on. so it goes.”

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