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Drunk Texting an Ex is for the 18-22 Crowd

I will not deny the college set their drunk texting. For my generation, it was part of our  “first relationship” experience.

But at the age of 27, there is no longer an excuse for drunk texting. Unless, maybe, it’s to say “I love you” or “Sleep Tight” to a current significant other. But when it’s to your ex-boyfriend, and it’s slobbery and messy, it does no good.  I have done it on two separate occasions since our break-up two months ago, both of which I woke up regretting.

My very good high school friend is the nicest guy to his ladies that I know. And even he reached a breaking point with an ex-girlfriend who hung on too long. She sent one too many text messages, drunk or not, among other slightly stalker-ish behaviors (leaving chocolate at his front door). And he who never gets angry or exposes a temper, wrote a harsh email, an 8 out of 10 for harshness, telling her he needed her to leave him alone.

On the same day he sent that email, he gave me the best advice I’ve received since my break-up. The shorter version: “Don’t be her. Move on. Don’t be the one who keeps pursuing that which is already lost.“

Right now my ex doesn’t mind the drunk texts. It makes him feel good about himself that I’m hanging on. But there will be a day, in a week or a month or a year, that he will not be so nice about it. Moral of the story, he doesn’t need to know how I feel anymore. Drunk or not, my texts need to be sent elsewhere.

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