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The Meaning of “Date”

Six years ago, while walking from Harvard Square to Central Square, my dear college friend looked at me and said, “We’re so lucky. We get to go on dates all the time.”

The “we” was him, a handful of other gentleman, my best friend with the same name as me, and myself, who all lived in an adjoined apartment building–the boys on the 4th floor, the girls on the 3rd, on Green St. in Cambridge. We were each other’s social circle, a “rat pack” of sorts. And it was not uncommon for one of us two girls to be out for dinner, a movie, a walk, or ice cream, with one of the four boys. It was innocent and fun. There was no pressure at the end of the night, or expectation. Despite the lack of butterflies, those were some of the best nights of my life. They are all blended together now, imperfect memories of maybe 100 dates during my last 12 months in Boston.

I wanted more than anything, that year, to have a boyfriend. But as we so often do in life, I look back now and know I would never trade all those date nights to have had some guy, who did not know me or love me as much, and who would have probably broken my heart.

You see, what I’ve realized, is friends, true friends, don’t break you heart. They endure your pain with you, and find ways to make you laugh. And they take you on the best kind of dates–even when you are a miserable person to be around.

I’m not sure yet, after almost 30 years of living, that all the wonderful dates with a new guy who turns into a boyfriend and maybe even a husband, are worth the pain of the days that follow him breaking your heart. What I am sure of is going on a “date” with a good friend, lady or gent, will not end badly, and will stay with you, as your truest friends do, for all your days.

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