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Writing on Dating

I am concerned that writing this blog, or more specifically making it public, is narcissistic. My friend (and roommate) assures me it is not. But I just sent the link out on my Twitter feed and I’m still not sure.

I am dating, or at least starting to attempt to date, just like millions of others. And I’m sure hundreds of them are also writing about it (or maybe even millions). And I’m just not sure what will make what I write worthy enough for others to read. But putting it in the universe somehow makes it more exciting, and less overwhelming. And maybe, someone will relate to something I said, and she (or he) will feel like someone else in the universe gets it. And maybe she (or he) will leave a comment, and then I will know someone else gets it.

I do know I won’t be writing names in this blog. If anything, you may see initials. But I want to write truly, without people getting called out.

I spoke to a very nice guy on the phone tonight for 40 minutes. It was a good step. One that capped a weekend of feeling like it’s all going to be okay again, like this is not so scary. And I think writing this blog helped get me there.

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  1. January 1, 2010 at 4:32 am

    This is inspirational stuff. Never knew that view could be this diversed. Thanks for every bit of devotion to put forward such useful information here.

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