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Ode to My Fross

My boss thinks she’s very clever and calls herself my “fross” (if it’s not already obvious: friend + boss=fross).

And why, you may ask, am I writing about my fross on my dating and relationship blog?

To start, she was the first person to leave a comment, so she gets an automatic shout-out. Also, she tweeted about my blog to her 342 followers, which likely lead to the 17 page views I got today.

Mostly, though, why I am writing an ode to my fross is the basic fact that she got me this far.

My fross was not always my fross. For the first six months, we were boss and employee and we didn’t always get along.

But then my mom called and said my dad was leaving. When I went into work two days later, my boss/soon-to-be-fross closed the door to her office and let me have a meltdown. And a couple more meltdowns after that. And during each meltdown, she said the words you need to hear from someone in a leadership role in your life, “Life can really suck sometimes. But you will survive this.”

And she was right. I am still surviving it.

Seven months later, when my boyfriend decided he could not move in with me, the second person I texted was my fross. She called immediately. I had to convince her she didn’t need to come over and bring mass amounts of dessert.

The next day I walked into her office and fell apart. And again, she said the right thing.

My fross buys me lunch (more than she should) and throws bags of M&Ms in my cubicle. And every time the reality of my broken family or my lost relationship hits me, whether I’m at my cubicle or in a meeting, I go into her office and close the door and she figures out a way to dig me out of the hole.

I don’t know how people survive the hardest days of life without a fross. I happened to find one at the moment when my hardest days yet were staring me in the face.

One day, hopefully soon, I’m going to go on a fantastic date. And I can’t wait for the morning when I can walk into my fross’ office and tell her all about it.

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  1. Fross
    August 11, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    I guarantee you I said something MUCH less deep and meaningful than “you will survive” like, “man up” or something equally “special”…

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