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Bad Day To Do List

The last two days have been frustrating professionally and personally. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time diving into why. Instead I’m going to create a list of the somewhat quirky things I did to cheer myself up. Maybe you can find inspiration to be used on your next bad day.

-Sit in Dupont Circle. People watch. Engage in the conversation with the pleasant, if not odd, young man who offers you a slice of his pizza.

-Scroll to your favorite song on your i-Pod. Hit play. Repeat.

-Apologize to the people you snap at as soon as you realize you snapped at them. This will greatly improve any chance you have at preventing a frustrating Day 3.

-Finally learn how to play flip cup at the age of 27.

-Eat Chipotle Barbacoa soft tacos.

-Don’t shop at the GAP.

-Pick up the latest issue of National Geographic magazine. Flip to the article on Somalia. Realize how lucky you are.

-Compliment someone. And then compliment someone else.

-Participate in a lot of high 5s.

-Show your co-workers the latest routine you learned in Hip Hop class. Share in their laughter. Then show it to your Bocce team. Teach them how to cross their arms “street”.

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  1. Wench
    August 28, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    I fully expect a demonstration of said hip hop routine upon arrival in November!

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