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No More Slacker Blogger

At this moment I will not elaborate on why, but for now, this blog will no longer be about my adventures in dating. It may include stories of my dear friends adventures in dating…just not mine. But it will continue to chronicle my adventures in life.

While working through a fresh start with someone, I had a hard time deciding how to re-focus what I write here. But I knew I wanted to keep writing. This blog has received overwhelming support from my friends, and other bloggers. And I didn’t want to let them, or myself down.

But I’ve realized maybe I’ve been thinking too hard. Maybe I just need to start writing again, and a new focus will emerge all on its very own.

I’m 27 years old. I am a hard-working gal in the nation’s capital. I’m years beyond college, and even graduate school. But I have happily not yet found my way into the world of marriage and babies and property purchasing. I have a lot to say. I always have. And some of my friends seem to like reading what I have to say. So I’m going to keep writing…and see where the words take me.

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