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In Search of Momentum

Someone once told me it takes two weeks to form a habit. I am not good at forming habits. Maybe because it’s hard for me to do something consistently for two weeks.

For instance, exercising. I have to constantly switch up the type of exercise I do in order to have it hold my interest.

I suppose what it comes down to is that I’m not one for a routine. That’s probably why I enjoy my job. It’s constantly changing. There is always a new and different project to work on, a new technology to check out, and Web trends to keep up with.

Generally speaking what it takes for me to keep up with something, aside from a paycheck, is momentum. When it came to writing this blog I lost momentum. I had the support of friends, and fellow bloggers, and at the height of this blog’s success, I was writing about a subject that peaked people’s interest–dating. I had more free time because I was single.

I am not single at the moment. But I don’t want that to stop me from writing. So I’m going to try and force some momentum on myself. I tried that back in November, but here’s the difference, I’m making it my belated New Year’s resolution. So instead of January 1st, let’s say January 31st starts a new year, and a new commitment to keeping up this blog.

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