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Bad Day To Do List

August 26, 2009 1 comment

The last two days have been frustrating professionally and personally. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time diving into why. Instead I’m going to create a list of the somewhat quirky things I did to cheer myself up. Maybe you can find inspiration to be used on your next bad day.

-Sit in Dupont Circle. People watch. Engage in the conversation with the pleasant, if not odd, young man who offers you a slice of his pizza.

-Scroll to your favorite song on your i-Pod. Hit play. Repeat.

-Apologize to the people you snap at as soon as you realize you snapped at them. This will greatly improve any chance you have at preventing a frustrating Day 3.

-Finally learn how to play flip cup at the age of 27.

-Eat Chipotle Barbacoa soft tacos.

-Don’t shop at the GAP.

-Pick up the latest issue of National Geographic magazine. Flip to the article on Somalia. Realize how lucky you are.

-Compliment someone. And then compliment someone else.

-Participate in a lot of high 5s.

-Show your co-workers the latest routine you learned in Hip Hop class. Share in their laughter. Then show it to your Bocce team. Teach them how to cross their arms “street”.

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Top Five Places to Meet Decent Men in D.C.

August 12, 2009 5 comments

Tonight, after a brutal Bocce loss, my team gathered at the bar and started ordering pitchers. It’s fuzzy how it happened, but the conversation meandered it’s way to where I should go to meet quality, available men in D.C.

To start, a teammate informed me I needed to move to Denver. According to him, Denver has more available men than women, unlike D.C., which has a plethora of attractive, career-driven ladies and not enough men to satisfy them all. Sadly, I have a good job here, and in these economic times, it didn’t seem realistic to move to Colorado just to find a good man.

So he, and the others, including the team drinking next to us, started zeroing in on there version of the Top Five Places to Meet Decent Men in D.C. Keep in mind this was done in thinking about what I was looking for in a “decent man.” Qualifications were nice, smart, sense of humor, has a job, at least semi-attractive and likes sports.

1. RFD, Chinatown (near the Verizon Center) — A sports bar with forty beers on tap and quite a few more than that in bottles. The rule was to wear a low cut shirt OR a team jersey. My instructions were to watch games at the bar and strike up a conversation with whoever strikes my fancy. According to my three male sources, not all guys have the balls to talk first at bars.

2. Public Bar, Farragut North/Dupont Circle — A new sports bar with “fresh meat.” Low cut shirt and standing by bar apply here.

3. Tryst, Adam’s Morgan — My directions were to show up in a low-cut shirt on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with a crossword puzzle. Find a couch seat next to a cute guy. Ask the guy for help with 15 across.

4. Quarry House Tavern, Silver Spring — This suggestion was amusing because it was prefaced with if I wanted to meet guys on the slightly “punk-ish” side. For those of you reading this who know me, the image of me with a punk rocker should make you giggle softly to yourself . That doesn’t mean I won’t try it. Punk rockers can be nice guys, too. Oh, and they like low cut shirts.

5. Meridian Hill Park — A nice change of pace from the bar scene, both guys and gals confirmed Meridian Hill Park is the place to be on Sundays for meeting people. One guy suggested I attend the free 5 p.m. yoga session wearing a low cut shirt. I’m unsure yoga on Sunday evenings in a park is where I’ll meet my next boyfriend–or even a rebound guy–but free yoga outdoors sounds like fun, so hell, why not try it?

Number one take away from this night: I need to buy more low cut shirts.

Update August 13, 11:30 am: My teammate was right about Denver. It seems I live on the wrong coast!

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Who Knew…Bocce?

August 6, 2009 1 comment

I joined a Bocce Ball league to meet people—namely men. When I received the names of my teammates, I was happy to discover it was four guys and one lady.

I was the first on the scene for game one. I picked up my brick red Bocce team shirt and waited anxiously to meet my fellow Bocce-ers. As my teammates arrived, I was excited to see the area filling up with men.

As the game began, and we started to dominate the other team, I found myself laughing and joking with all five teammates. After our big 16-6 win, we walked to the sponsor bar and planted ourselves at the lone open picnic table. We proceeded to consume six pitchers of beer—a pitcher apiece. We talked about jobs and hometowns and sex.

The guys did what every group of guys loves to do when they find willing females—ask for sex tips. And, despite having just met them, my female teammate, who was eerily similar to me (except not single), and myself doled out any tips we could think of that weren’t cliche or overused.

In the course of one evening, and two more Bocce, beer-filled evenings, I realized this had not become about meeting men. It had become about starting over. I was creating friends who didn’t know me because of my ex-boyfriend. People whose first impression of me was throwing a ball and drinking a beer.

I like who I am around my Bocce teammates. I am not broken-hearted.

I thought the best way to move on was to find a new man. But first I had re-create my life. Who knew Bocce ball would be the start of starting over?

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