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1,261 Days of Ex

Sometimes in my life a movie can get a message across at the approximate moment when my friends are about to give up on trying.

I saw the film 500 Days of Summer yesterday afternoon. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now (unless you like spoilers).

For me there were two take-aways from this lovely, yet honest film.

1. I have yet to go to a liquor store in a robe and flip flops and buy Jack Daniels and Hostess twinkies. I have yet to go anywhere and buy Jack and twinkies. That means I’m already doing better than the friend I attended the movie with who did admit she has done that (but in sweats, not a robe). I’m 61 days into my break-up, so I think I’ve avoided that phase (whopee! one phase I did avoid!)

2. In the film, Summer wasn’t sure. She had moments of doubt. Looks crossed her face that, sadly, unlike Tom, I recognized. And after she ended it, she moved on. She found someone she was sure of. It was so very simple.

My ex-boyfriend was not sure. In three years, he was never sure. Why did I want to be with someone who was not sure? The woman I strive to be is not okay with “not sure.” Will he ever change from being “not sure” to “sure” about me? There is a possibility of about 0.0001%. I’m not going to count on that.

The act of watching a young man’s relationship and break-up unfold on the screen, of watching Tom’s “500” days of Summer, made me realize, I need to move on from my 1,261 days of Ex. It was two months ago tonight that it ended for him. It needs to end for me. Just like Tom, it’s time to find my “Autumn.”

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