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Bathroom Stall Breakthrough

I made a discovery Friday night in the ladies restroom at the bar. The beginnings of social media started in bathroom stalls.

I admit the writings on the wall on this one (hehe), and a person does not have to be an expert in social media to see the connection, but I will say, three drinks deep, that I was fairly ecstatic about my breakthrough.

I did not use to understand what motivated a person to write something on a bathroom stall.

Why tell the world C.F. + T.K.? Aren’t C.F. and T.K. the only ones who needed to know they were “+”?

And does it really make a person feel better to write “Kristen’s a bitch” knowing that there is a good chance “Kristen” won’t ever read it and everyone else who sits down on the toilet probably won’t know who “Kristen” is?

My past judgments aside, I acknowledge that now that Facebook statuses and tweets are available forms of communication what some people post is not all that different from what can be found on the walls of a bathroom.

I credit the following two lines for sparking my claim. The first was in a bathroom at a music venue in Virginia on St. Patrick’s Day. I looked over, and someone had written, “Rock and roll is dead. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dance with the ghost.” For some odd, undefinable reason I liked that line so much I typed it into a “note” on my BlackBerry.

And then on Friday night, I saw this, “THE MAN I LOVE JUST GOT ENGAGED.” Through the Sharpie stain on the wall I felt that woman’s pain.

The world can be a lonely, empty place. And so much of what I think people like myself are doing with blogs, Facebook and Twitter is reaching out into the darkness with the hope that someone else will relate, whether it be to our sadness, our happiness, our interests or our dreams. It’s not the only reason for social media, but it’s certainly one to list under social media’s merits.

Despite my earlier misgivings on bathroom writing, I can’t say I didn’t always read a few lines, just as I admit to checking my Twitter feed and Facebook statuses throughout the day. Whether it be on a metal door or a computer screen, there is something so nice about taking a pause from my life to read a few thoughts from somebody else’s.

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