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My Take on Tiger

I have seen sports columnists, among others, argue for more details of what really happened Thanksgiving night in Tiger Woods’ driveway. I will admit I could care less. Do I think Tiger deserves the media storm surrounding the reasons for the incident? Yes.

I have no sympathy for a man who cheated on his wife with multiple women while she was pregnant and mothering his two children. Whether or not the women were college professors, or cocktail waitresses, I don’t care. I have lost respect for the world’s best golfer.

It’s not as if Tiger went to the golf course, played the game, won some money, and went home to his family. He plastered his face on every major product or company that would take him. He put himself in front of our eyes as much as he possibly could. But now he doesn’t want our eyes on him. Where’s the logic there?

This caught my eye from Charles McGrath’s “Not Playing by the Rules” column today in the New York Times.

“Yet, as so many have pointed out, Woods has become a public figure not just in the way that most great athletes are public figures, but also in a way probably unparalleled in the history of publicity itself. He has made far more money from selling himself, or his image, than he has made from playing tournaments. That image, partly genuine and partly sculptured, has been one of decency, modesty, filial devotion and paternal responsibility, and not of mysterious car crashes and evasive explanations.”

You don’t get to parade yourself and the image you created in front of the world, and then expect the world will turn its head and look away when you prove to be a pathetic excuse for a husband.

There is a reason Dave Letterman made it out of his situation quickly. He said out loud what he did, and apologized. Whether his wife forgives him is between them, but he increased our chances of continuing to watch just by recognizing that his viewers deserved to hear it from him.

Tiger went after the media after he blatantly didn’t own up to what really happened. Not surprising, yes, but pathetic. In this situation, the only one he should be going after, is himself. Maybe it’s the female part of the “female sports fan” in me, but I will forever more root for Tiger Woods to fail.

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